These days, I’m a WordPress web developer, marketing consultant, and productivity coach for solo professional service providers, freelancers, and artists. But once upon a time, I was an actress. I worked in dinner theater, regional theater, children’s theater, outdoor theater … you get the picture.

I think there’s a nexus between what I used to do and what I do now. That nexus is the art of “stage presence” — the ability of a performer onstage to draw the audience’s focus naturally, not through upstaging gimmicks and tricks but by genuine appeal. This blog is where I explore that nexus in greater detail, and I hope you find it helpful.

Other Stuff I Do

You can check out my writing about productivity hacks, social media for artists, and the whole creativity/productivity nexus on Pajama Productivity.com. I also own and publish a website called Trauma Dolls, all about coping and transcending chronic pain for women.

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You can use this contact form, or call me at 828.808.0525. Alternatively, you can reach me on Twitter.