How to Remove Endorsements From Your LinkedIn Profile

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There’s been a lot of debate in recent months over the issue of LinkedIn endorsements — the ability of other people to “endorse” you for specific skills or talents and have those skills/talents show up on your LinkedIn profile.

What’s the Problem With Endorsements?

Some people think the endorsement feature is meaningless. Since there is no requirement that the person endorsing you has actually worked with you in any capacity (employer or client, for example), the endorsement itself feels hollow to many.

Others point out that LI endorsements on profiles has quickly evolved into the digital equivalent of collected business cards — essentially, a number contest that’s devoid of value.

More substantively, however, there are some potentially critical issues behind LI endorsements for professional service providers subject to state ethics rules.

Lawyers on LinkedIn

I became aware of this issue through several of my lawyer-clients, who mentioned in passing that their state bar associations were struggling with the issue of LI endorsements.

It seems that some attorneys and officials are taking the position that the endorsements are impermissible testimonials (some states don’t allow lawyers to display testimonials at all, and a handful of other states allow the practice but only under very stringent circumstances including cumbersome disclosures).

Others believe the display of LI endorsements are potentially an unearned & improper claim to the title of “expert” thanks to the way LI displays the endorsements (as many states do not allow lawyers to call themselves “experts” in specific practice areas unless the attorney has completed a rigorous testing and certification process).

Taking LinkedIn Endorsements Off Your Profile

Whatever your reason for not wanting to display your LI endorsements on your profile, there’s a simple fix to the problem: tell LinkedIn not to show them on your profile.

It’s very easy to accomplish this. Below, you’ll find a simple set of instructions along with screenshots to walk you through the process.

Step One: Click “Edit Profile”

After signing in to LinkedIn, move your mouse up to the upper-left row of options and select “Edit Profile” as shown in the screenshot below:

Screenshot - Edit LI Profile

Step Two: Edit Your Profile’s “Skills” Section

Click on the “Edit” button next to the “Skills & Expertise” heading for that section of your profile.

Screenshot - Editing Skills in LI Profile

Step Three: Display Your Endorsement Settings

Click the little down arrow next to the “Display your endorsements?” text.

Screenshot - Editing Display Endorsements on LI

Step Four: Change Your Endorsement Settings

Highlight and click “No, do not show my endorsements.” Verify that the checkbox beside “Display your endorsements?” is now unchecked.

Screenshot - Choosing Not to Display LI Endorsements

Step Five: Save Your Changes

At the bottom of the “Skills & Expertise” section, click the blue “Save” button.

Screenshot - Saving Changes to LInkedIn Profile Skills

Step Six: Uh, That’s It

You might want to view your profile to ensure the endorsements are gone, but basically, that’s it!

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Melanie Kissell December 12, 2013 at 4:26 pm

Thanks, Annie. I’ve never found any value in the LI endorsements. They’re really kinda useless, wouldn’t you say? I’d much prefer to have a recommendation displayed on my profile. Believe it or not, I’ve had scads of people endorse me for things I have no experience in and know nothing about. SEO?? Where on the entire internet have I ever claimed to be an expert in SEO? Nowhere … that’s where. I’ve even had people endorse me for things like Google ads. C’mon, people. I don’t know shit from Shinola about advertising on Google. Jeez Louise. I’m wondering what LI’s premise/motive/intent was when they introduced this feature. I don’t see how it’s helping anybody.

Cathy Miller December 12, 2013 at 5:06 pm

I have written more than one post about the “silliness” of LI endorsements. Do you happen to know if removing them from your profile also removes the “Endorse” so-and-so when you view a Contact’s profile? Thanks for sharing this, Annie.

P.S. Why am I not surprised your lawyer clients found an issue with endorsements. 😉

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