Self-Love: Embracing Your Inner Marketer

Broadway BillboardsI have heard so many times — just this week alone, mind you, and it’s only Tuesday as I write this — some variation on the theme:

I hate/can’t do marketing.

People, people, I ask you:

Where’s the love?

Why You Think You Hate Marketing

Actually, that was one of those rhetorical thingamabobs. I know exactly where the love went, because I know exactly why you hate marketing.

I also know why you think you hate marketing. Let’s start there:

You think you hate it because it’s artificial.

You think you hate it because it’s obnoxious.

You think you hate it because it forces you to become someone you don’t want to be — because it requires being self-centered, self-aggrandizing, self-important.

You think you hate it because it takes so much time, and you never even really know whether all that time and effort really makes a damn bit of difference.

You think you hate it, especially in the social media context, because the bloody tools are always !*#& CHANGING on you. Like this whole ridiculous Twitter-going-down-to-116-characters-instead-of-140 crap. (That starts tomorrow {Wednesday} bee-tee-dubs.)

You think you hate it, especially in the digital context, because you think you suck at writing, and for the love of Pete, it’s ALL WRITING …

Why You Really Hate Marketing

Basically, my friends, you hate it because you think you suck at it.

How to Fall In Love With Marketing Your Small Biz

It’s not always true (my abortive career in law is a prime example) but generally speaking, we tend to like the stuff we’re good at.

So, if you want to feel better about the whole marketing thing, get better at the whole marketing thing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Annie,” you’re thinking, “that sounds way simplistic.”

Actually, you know what?

You’re right, it is simplistic.

That’s because it’s simple. Not easy, mind you, but simple.

To feel better about marketing,
learn how to do it better.

But to really fall in love with it, you’ve got to let it seduce you . . .

Recognize that there’s more than one way to market. You’ve possibly gone ice-cold on one style of marketing — for me, it’s the drum-beating, Facebook-crowing, email-subject-line-manipulating, baiting, switching, A-list-plus-1000-of-my-closest-friends-affiliates style. You’re not alone, if that’s you, too. Go find some new places to hang out, and some new friends to hang out with.

Stop playing the field. Wrap your loving arms and efforts around one less platform, and see what that does for your level of affection. We don’t need to be everywhere. I promise you that the people who tell you otherwise do not have your best interests at heart – they’re thinking about their own interests.

Look for the beauty in marketing. Here’s a thought: If you truly believe you solve some kind of problem in a way that will make other people’s lives easier, sweeter, or  in any way better, then aren’t you kind of morally obligated to share it with them? Would you keep information that could help a friend to yourself?

Be ridiculously, totally, completely true to yourself. I’m not just talking about “authenticity” (which is starting to become something of an overused cliche at this point but still remains true, valid, and important). I’m talking about designing the kind of life you want to lead. I’m talking about being the person you want to be.

Love your clients and your prospects. This may make the needle on the “woo-woo” meter go a little too close to red for some of you, but so be it: I have learned that when you start from a spiritually grounded place — that is, a place of love — all your business efforts take on that same gloss. Fun fact: those efforts also seem easier and produce better results.

How do you feel the love in marketing your biz? Let’s have a love-in: share your tips in the comments!

What’s a Word Carnival? You’re soaking in it! This month, we’re trying something a little different for Word Carnival. Instead of a topic, we’re going with a theme, and that theme is love. We hear it’s all you need. Check out all the other awesome Carnies to catch their creative takes on this month’s theme here!

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Melanie Kissell February 27, 2013 at 5:14 am

You hit the marketing platform/s nail on the head, Annie!  When it comes to social media marketing, there’s NO WAY possible to be proficient at several platforms at once.  Ain’t gonna happen.  And if you try, you’ll be one sorry soul and one unhappy SM camper.  That kind of approach will cut so deep into your day, you’ll be lucky to have time to go to the bathroom … let alone eat a meal or get any sleep.

“Look for the beauty in marketing” speaks to my soul.  Crafting marketing messages and campaigns around something you truly believe in should feel “beautiful” … not repulsive.  I say strut your stuff and market like ya mean it!! 

My best tip to “feel the love in marketing your biz”:

Decide where you shine.  Is it writing?  Being on camera?  Public speaking?  Power Point presentations?  Figure it out and start there … and stick to it. 🙂


Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef February 27, 2013 at 11:19 am

As a professional marketer, the only time I get the icks about marketing is when I see (as you noted) others doing it all wrong. I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would never use my super powers for evil. Thankfully, with folks like you around, I’m able to peek through all that nastiness and find the bright spots again. Thanks for being YOU. 

Sharon Hurley Hall February 27, 2013 at 12:06 pm

I’ll admit to being one of those who ‘hated marketing’ till I realized that I was doing it anyway and it wasn’t icky – now I know it’s about marketing in a way that’s true to the person you are – and it’s ok to feel the love when you get it right. Nice one, Annie. 🙂

Carol Lynn Rivera February 27, 2013 at 5:48 pm

I hated marketing for a loooong time. Even while I did it 🙂 I have always been a people-helper person, so trying to sell stuff always felt wrong to me. Not only did I not want to sell but I didn’t feel as if helping businesses pawn off their crap onto other businesses or consumers was actually “helping”. 

But eventually I saw the side you’re talking about, which is the honest side. The side where you’re sharing good stuff and not just “selling”. It’s also why I’m picky about who I work with because if I’m helping THEM market, I don’t want to be helping anyone scam on someone.

It’s also true that it’s hard to love something you’re not good at (I’m talking to you, math!!) but when you improve, you get all sorts of tingly goodness happening. Love your points, Annie!

clarestweets February 28, 2013 at 1:17 pm

Well said Annie! When I have those hate marketing (and sales) moments like the ones that you described I think about the products and services I’ve needed and bought — that I didn’t know about until someone told me about them. I try to think of my marketing efforts as letting people who need what I have know that help and a solution is near. If I don’t tell them, who will? 

Sandy McDonald February 28, 2013 at 4:22 pm

Its one of those sychronicity moments again Annie.  You know when you buy a red car and then every second car you see is red.  So I went to a Conscious Marketing seminar last Friday delivered by Carolyn Tate.  Almost everything you are saying here was so much part of her passionate message.  Stop binge marketing,  just embrace what works for you and move away from trying to do it like the a-listers , complete purpose and love of what why you do what you do, looking to serve rather than sell, among other things.   Thanks for putting it down so well, so I can absorb more of this message from your well crafted words, rather than my scrawled notes! 

Michelle Nickolaisen February 28, 2013 at 6:02 pm

This is so true, Annie. I’ve noticed a direct correspondence between my ability to market myself and my confidence in what I do – I think as we start out, or at least when I started out, part of the reason I felt icky about marketing was because I *thought* what I did was helpful, or at least, people kept telling me that, but I didn’t really FEEL it. I hadn’t seen firsthand how helpful it was enough for it to really sink in (especially since it came so easily to me). Now that I’m confident that what I do is genuinely helpful, it’s SO much easier to market (it does help that I’ve figured out what ways/techniques come naturally to me and what feels stiff or fake, and play to my strengths, of course!). 

Nicole Fende March 1, 2013 at 12:28 am

Wow Annie, I blush to admit that this statement is true “Basically, my friends, you hate it because you think you suck at it.”  I hate doing something that I feel I can’t kick butt at.   But I never realized that was why.  I’m officially on a mission to love my inner marketer!

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