Digital Marketing Consulting

Social media, website copy, content curation, content marketing, inbound marketing, analytics … what?!?!?

You’re a superstar at what you do. Nobody does your thing quite like you. But your thing? Is NOT digital marketing.

Digital marketing is, however, most definitely my thing.

So let me help you through the quagmire! Working one on one with you, I can help you make sense of the sometimes-indecipherable world of digital marketing.

I can help you identify which specific channels make sense for you and your business, implement a tailored plan that produces actual results, and help you do it all without sacrificing your thing – or your life.

Services Included in SPM’s Digital Marketing Consulting Package

Each consulting client receives a carefully tailored written plan, which exhaustively details the specific actions to take and systems to implement, in each of the following areas:

  • Website copy
  • Blogging (on your own site and with guest posting)
  • Email newsletters & marketing campaigns
  • Social media content marketing on recommended channels (typically, 2 to 3 of the major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Expertise-building sites (such as Quora, Avvo for lawyers, subject-specific message boards and forums)

I’ll help you build a step-by-step plan, including precise, customized checklists; short- and long-term goals that help you measure your success; built-in accountability to keep you on track; and recommendations of social media tools that will help you get it all done in minimal time.

The Digital Marketing Consult package starts with an intensive two-week “getting to know you” phase, consisting of two hour-long interviews and a questionnaire on your part, plus in-depth research on my part into your business, your niche, and your competitors. After that, we meet by Skype or phone call twice a month, with email support in between our sessions.

Fees for Digital Marketing Consulting Package

To get started with SPM Digital Marketing Consulting, clients pay a one-time up-front fee of $500 and $300 for the first month of service. After that, each month costs just $200.

There’s a three-month minimum commitment for new clients, but you can cancel at any time after the first three months.

Ready to Get More Clients & Customers?

New SPM consulting clients get a free half-hour introductory phone or Skype session, with no obligation whatsoever, so you and I can see if we’re a good fit for your needs. To schedule your introductory session and get the expert one-on-one help you need to maximize your digital marketing efforts, use the special contact form below!

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