What We Know About Facebook Timeline for Pages

Screenshot of Facebook's Timeline videoBy now, everybody and their sister knows that Facebook rolled out Timeline for Pages at some point late last night. As I write this, you’ve got through March to get your page Timeline-ready. You can preview the Timeline version of it, before actually publishing it, so you can figure out what needs to be fixed.

Now, for me and my pages, this was no big deal. I’ve been ready for this move for sometime now, and I never added any default landing pages or fan gates to my pages.

But for those of you who did — who (worse) maybe spent good money hiring people like me to make those Pages pretty and compelling?

You’re probably a wee bit pissed off right about now. And this time I can’t blame you.

The Sucky Part of the Timeline Rollout

Full disclosure: I totally heart Timeline.

Whenever I read “Timeline SUCKS” posts on FB, I feel compelled to pipe in with a “Why on earth would you not LOVE Timeline?!” post, with all the reasons why I love it.

This time, however, page owners may have a legitimate gripe.

That gripe: default landing tabs have disappeared. Your fan gates too, possibly. (That’s the “like this page to ____________”  where you fill in the blank with any call to action you might want a prospect to take, such as enter a contest, get/request free white papers, or even see the rest of your FB page content).

So, yes, that sucks. What doesn’t?

The Non-Sucky Parts of Timeline for Pages

Yes, there are a few!

First things first: educate yourself a little bit with this official release from FB on Timeline for Pages.

Tabs Are Bigger

We still have tabs, AND they’re wider than before, now at 810 px. Also? You can still have fan gates, apparently. Just make sure you keep in mind the new dimensions when you’re creating them.

Better Admin Controls in Admin Panel

The new admin panel covers all the salient information you need to know about your Pages.

Screenshot of the PJ Productivity Page Admin Panel

Your notifications are now spelled out for you, associated with avatar images. You also can see recent “likes” in a separate section, and a graph of Insights.

And see that right-hand section labeled “Messages”? Yeah, about that …

Send and Receive Messages As Page

Self-explanatory, I hope. You’ll see those in the upper-right section of your admin panel.

More Control Over Posts Placement on Page

If you want to stress or call attention to a particular update or post, simply click on the star icon in that post’s area to make it wider. You can also click the pencil icon to move a post to the top of the page, or hide or delete it from your page altogether.


This deserves caps and the exclamation point. The cover photo is seriously the most cool aspect of Timeline, and it offers businesses a great opportunity to visually stun and communicate the brand.

But you need to know a few things first, before you go rooting around at iStockPhoto.com.  There are a few rules you’ll need to follow, so don’t fire up the Photoshop just yet:

Sizing of Cover Photos: You can use any image up to 850×315 in pixels. Once you upload the photo, you’ll be prompted to drag and reposition the photo for maximum impact, so if part of the image is cut off, this is how you fix that.

What’s Prohibited: The cover photo should be a photo first and foremost, or at least an image.  To that end, Facebook has decided that certain content is inappropriate and off-limits — and yes, I agree with them:

  • Price or purchase information (e.g., “10% off” or “Buy at our website.”
  • Contact information (e.g., your URL, email address, site location, or anything for which there’s a space in your “About” section)
  • References to Facebook features or UI elements (e.g., the “Like” or “Share” features)
  • Calls to action (e.g., “Sign up now” or “Share with your friends”)

Image Selection: The cover photo is a great way to express your brand! Don’t just slap any old image up there. Look for images that communicate visually and emotionally with your ideal clients.

Create Milestones to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Another nifty feature of Timeline is the “milestones” option. You can basically add key events in your business’s lifespan to your page’s Timeline, in order to tell your business’s marketing story in a compelling, evocative way.

Got Problems?

Report them to Facebook here. If you’d like to change the name of your page, you can request that here (note: I don’t know whether the rule about being stuck with page names if you have over 100 likes is still in effect or has been abrogated).

What do you think? Love Timeline? Hate it? Fear it? Not sure? What are you doing to make the most of this change? Share in the comments!

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Sharon - ParkRideFly February 29, 2012 at 8:57 pm

Thanks for this great intro, Annie. I upgraded one of my pages today and realized I didn’t have an image I liked enough for one of the others. At least I’ve got a month to find one.

Tea Silvestre February 29, 2012 at 10:18 pm

Very helpful, thanks! BTW, not sure we can actually SEND messages from our page. If you’ve figured out how, let us know?

Annie Sisk March 5, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Still looking into this one, Tea – will let ya know! 

Annie Sisk March 5, 2012 at 3:47 pm

It’s fun, I have to admit!! Check out istockphoto.com if you’re ready to shell out a bit of cash. 

Bender April 9, 2013 at 4:10 am

Nice! TY for this piece of work 😉
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Relagio April 9, 2014 at 10:17 am

good read! i think facebook is evil but you never know. if you want some wellness http://www.relagio.de

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